To do good work with a spirit of generosity. 

I want to raise money to fuel the solutions for our planet’s most pressing social issues. I believe that while there are countless ways to show you care about an issue, but parting with your hard-earned cash is a clear line in the sand that only a select few people step across. The world needs more of these incredible, generous people. I want to find them, learn from them, and pollinate that knowledge as widely as possible so that we can deliver solutions at scale.



To win, and help win.

When I’m at my best, I’m fully aware of and engaging with the dual nature that’s present at every stage of a given project or challenge. Like the confidence that masks vulnerability, the innovative ideas inspired by ancient wisdom, and the earnest optimism that counterbalances a fear of failure. Working in these spaces demands a tolerance for ambiguity, a systems thinking lens, and a desire to continuously learn. And, all the while – a healthy dose of long-term thinking to remind us that transformation is not always best measured on a quarterly or annual basis. 


To gather and go.

At every stage of my practice, I want to surface unconnected ideas to create something new. No matter the size or scope of a project, no matter how routine or mundane you might think it is, I see it as my job to collaborate for the purpose of creating and uncovering new possibilities.